Looking for paper files, organizing into folders would eat up greater than 30% of their valuable time. Digitizing paper files would increase the employees productivity, and efficiency of business workflow.

It is highly tempting to move 100% from paper to digitized, but may not be cost effective. Coming up a strategy for cost effectiveness, economy of scale is where Cloud Creation shines.

On Premise Object Storage Services

To tackle the Total Cost of Ownership, we have trained cloud storage professionals would work with you to achieve the right balance, based on the usage patterns and document expiration strategies.

Document Management System

Digitization is only small piece of the puzzle. Document management system provides infrastructure in managing, organizing, enforcing security polices, workflow management and most importantly versioning capabilities.

Tiered Cloud Storage

Most of the customers and professional storage services providers, when evaluating total cost of ownership, they jump on the bandwagon of deep cold storage, like deep archive from AWS. They leave out the extraction/egress cost involved. Having just an expiry policy criteria to move the files/data from hot/warm storage to cold/glacier would be hit with surprisingly huge bills. It requires deep down analysis of usage pattern, importance/value of the files/data and whether if it requires to be archived. It will require a multi pronged approach with multi cloud storage data controllers strategy to mitigate the runaway costs.

Multi-Cloud Storage Data Controller

From bird view point, all features looks the same from various cloud storage providers, including IAM security policies. But there is a huge difference with respect to minimum retention period, egress costs, in some cases ingress costs. Just to reduce the complexity in the architecture or design, most of the storage consulting competitors or the customers would take the short cut in forcing themselves to a single vendor. This increases the total cost ownership.